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How do I install 4images Gallery in Fantastico and what is this script?
4images is a PHP/MySQL based image gallery. It will take 1 MySQL database to install this script from Fantastico.

Please note: This script requires system() to be enabled. This currently means you must be on an exec() enabled server, or else you will receive:

Warning: system() has been disabled for security reasons

These are the exec() servers:

Aries, Banic, Bella, Dagmar, Europa, Fantasia, Konig, Kupio, Libra, Mercury, Meteor, Orion, Pegasus, Quantz, SD00002, Sirius, Unitas, Valina, Yanaka

If you are not on one of the above, please email support@onewebco.com in order to move to an exec() server. Please note that the other Gallery program (Coppermine Photo Gallery) does not require exec() and is also included in Fantastico.

This is a simple script to install. Simply click to agree to the Terms of Service after reading it, click to continue, then insert the applicable details:

Installation location
Install on domain - select the domain or subdomain to install it onto using the dropdown

Install in directory - either leave blank to install into the root of the above selected domain or subdomain, or enter a folder (do not use / or anything other than just the folder's name in this field)

Admin access data
Administrator-username (you need this to enter the protected admin area) - admin username (write this down for your records)

Password (you need this to enter the protected admin area) - admin password (write this down for your records)

Base configuration
Site name - name the site will have (prefilled in, change if you want to do so)
Admin e-mail (your email address) - email address for the admin (prefilled in with Cpanel admin account, change if you want to do so)
Preferred Language - select from English, French, German or Spanish

Click "Install 4Images Gallery" to continue, and you would then receive a success screen:

Install 4Images Gallery (2/3)

The MySQL database and MySQL user Cpanelusername_imga1 will be created and used for this installation.

- You chose to install in the domain demo.onewebco.com, in a subdirectory called example-pics. - The access URL will be: http://demo.onewebco.com/example-pics

Click on Finish installation to continue.

You would then click "Finish Installation" and receive instructions on the installation. At the bottom of the success screen, you would have the following:

Email the details of this installation to:

In the field to enter the email address, enter a valid email and click "Send E-mail" so that you receive details on the username, password, database name, etc. for your records to keep.

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