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How do I install Crafty Syntax Live Help in Fantastico and what is this script?
Crafty Syntax Live Help is a Live Help chat system featuring monitor your visitors, proactively open a chat session, multiple chat sessions, referer tracking, page view tracking, multiple operators, canned responses / images / URLs, multiple departments each with different icons, leave a message. It will take 1 MySQL database to install this script from Fantastico.

Installation is straight forward. Simple click "New Installation" then configure the following options:

b>Installation location
Install on domain - select the domain or subdomain to install it onto using the dropdown

Install in directory - either leave blank to install into the root of the above selected domain or subdomain, or enter a folder (do not use / or anything other than just the folder's name in this field)

Admin access data
Administrator-username (you need this to enter the protected admin area) - admin username (write this down for your records)

Password (you need this to enter the protected admin area) - admin password (write this down for your records)

Base configuration
Admin e-mail (your email address) - email address for the admin (prefilled in with Cpanel admin account, change if you want to do so)

Preferred Language - select from English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish

Click "Install Crafty Syntax Live Help" to continue, and you would then receive a success screen:

Crafty Syntax Live Help (2/3)

The MySQL database and MySQL user Cpanelusername_lhlp1 will be created and used for this installation.

- You chose to install in the domain
- The access URL will be:

Click on Finish installation to continue.

You would then click "Finish Installation" and receive instructions on the installation. At the bottom of the success screen, you would have the following:

Email the details of this installation to:

In the field to enter the email address, enter a valid email and click "Send E-mail" so that you receive details on the username, password, database name, etc. for your records to keep.

Please note: Needs registration to the Crafty Syntax website. Registration can be done via the admin interface automatically.

Doesn't run out of the box. Must do the following:

* Create operators and categories
* Assign operators to selected categories
* Set up necessary code to detect incoming user / customers

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